Day 12 - A Correction

Context is Everything

After reading Peggy's post from yesterday, I felt it necessary to set the context for the statement for which she gave me credit. I considered suing for defamation, but felt it wise to keep this on the downlow and rely on the family blog to carry my message to the world.

In the post from yesterday, I was accused of telling my wife she looks old. Yes, I did say something similar to what her post indicates, but I'm pretty sure the quote is not exact. Also, she failed to note the context of the conversation in which those words were spoken. Allow me to fill you in and vindicate myself (if that is possible!).

A few nights ago we were discussing Question #2 from this post, and the conversation led into a discussion of our honeymoon plans. When we were planning our honeymoom, we visited a travel agent to discuss options. We settled on Playa Del Carmen, which is located south of Cancun in Mexico. We finalized arrangements and made a downpayment. Peggy was 22 years old in those days, and four days after planning our trip, the travel agent called to confirm that Peggy was at least 18 years old since I was taking her out of the country!

So, in context, my statement was an attempt to be kind. Yes, I understand I may need to choose my words better, but shouldn't we judge on the intentions of the heart? :).

As a final note, I've come realize that blogging 31 days in a row must be quite difficult because in the first 12 days I have already been called in for backup 3 times.

The MYSTERY WORD of the day is: THAT

Remember, we're using the English Standard Version


  1. Betty Hill thinks she may know the mystery verse. Is it Ps. 27:4 ESV?

  2. Haha, was the last statement a direct attack on me? LOL. I wouldn't even be able to blog 5 days in a row.