Day 27 - Mothers should always carry quarters

When we were on vacation last month, the girls LOVED to go sit in all those things (cars, merry-go-rounds, etc) that you put quarters in to make them move. Now, when I was little, it only cost a quarter...now it's like 2 - 4 quarters. Of course I NEVER have quarters so they would ask if they could pretend we had money and just sit in them. At one point, my sister was actually pushing the merry-go-round with the girls on it to try and make it do something. Here's a picture of them in a car they never got to ride...


  1. Peg...that is pitiful seeing as how you all have the biggest change jar going all the time!!! Maybe this summer you can drag along the jar.

  2. I need to make a small correction.

    Sarah was given credit for pushing the girls since we had no change, but I actually did the heavy lifting. Sarah just watched.

    Well, of course she also told the woman that asked if we needed a quarter that we were doing just fine.