Day 8 - Reminiscing

Today Rick will be the guest poster...it's worth the read!

I was thinking today about a time in my life many years ago as a young child. I remember I had gone with my dad to a neighbor's house. I cannot really remember why we were there, but our visit was short. The house was nice, clean, and inviting. I was offered a coke and as any youngster would do, I accepted. While this event may seem like any other normal event to all of you, I remember it because I gave back. Right before my dad wisked me home, I was kind enough to show them how clean their carpets were by returning the coke they had given me to the floor (along with my dinner). Yes, I had thrown up all over their nice clean carpets. I do not really remember those neighbors speaking with us very often after that night...

Why was I remembering this event today? We relived it last night. We were having a nice dinner at our neighbor's house until Claire cried out "My tummy feels funny, My tummy hurts!" Oh, if I had only understood her and had it click in my mind as to what the problem was. I carried her back to see Peggy, but before we made it, she saw fit to send her dinner onto the floors of two rooms, a hallway, and two walls.

Today, I am thankful the Lord had someone invent towels, Clorox wipes, and hardwoods!

The MYSTERY WORD of the day is: and

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  1. Guess you won't be invited back to dinner any time soon:) Hope Claire starts feeling better soon!