Day 9 - The List

As Rick wrote yesterday's post, he began to think through the past week, and the result of this contemplation is today's post:

Peggy has received several positive comments and emails about her 31 days of blogging, but I have recently come to the opinion that this may not be so great an idea. At the least, I have found that I may be in danger if she continues this endeavor.

I know many of you reading this may think I'm simply overreacting, but let me explain before you jump to conclusions about my sanity. I do not know if Peggy has asked the Lord for topics on which to write, but if she has, I fear He may have found it expedient (and quite humorous) to use me as the object of many of these posts.

Below is a list of things that have happened to me in the first 7 days of this quest. I have:
1. ...been pooped on
2. ...been thrown up on
3. ...nearly broken my neck
4. ...had to deal with a broken down car
5. ...been called home from work twice during the middle of the day for "emergencies"
6. ...drunk toilet water

This 31 days is killing me!

The MYSTERY WORD of the day is: to


  1. Poor Rick! Who knows what tomorrow will hold;)


  2. My dear son-in-law...I will be praying for you!!!! Boo