Day 23 - Pillowcase Dress

Day 23 - almost there! Why didn't I do this in February! (Can you tell I'm hurtin' for things to write about???)

I made these sun dresses for the girls last week. These dresses are so easy. If you have a sewing machine (even if you've never turned it on) you can make these dresses.
Here are the directions I used:
All you'll need is 5/8 yard of fabric and 2 yards of matching ribbon. I put ric-rac on the bottom of my dresses and if you want that, you should probably buy 1.5 yards.
These dresses cost around $6 a piece to make.

I also made Henry some shorts. These cost about $3 to make. I'm going to get Lindsey to make him a shirt with an H on it to match.

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  1. Cute! And so timely! I was about to call a friend to get directinos on how to make those! Did you use the Lettie pattern for Henry's shorts? Just wondering.