How to name a baby?

Choosing a name for a child has proven to take a long time for us according to my wife. I must admit this is mostly due to my part in the process. It is often brought to my attention (by my wife of course) that many women (if not most) discuss baby names as a childhood game. In reflecting on why I seem to draw this out "forever", I found the reason to be multifaceted. We have now selected a name for our fifth child, and will reveal that shortly, but while we await an opportunity to share this with our parents first, I wanted to provide insight into what goes into selecting the name of a Hutchinson child. In reading this, please remember this is not intended to be a defense of our methods, but is simply intended to reveal our experience and thoughts.

In putting all this together, it turned out to be fairly lengthy so I will break this into several posts over the next few days. This post will serve as the Table of Contents for the other posts and will be updated as each new post is added.

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