1 Fish, 2 Fish...How many Goldfish???

We were visiting a church while on vacation this past Sunday. When Rick picked Henry up from the nursery, the worker emphatically said, "He ate a lot of goldfish." Rick said, "Yea, he really likes them."
Then she said, "No, he really ate, like, A LOT." She also said Henry insisted he could have as many as he wanted. Henry walked straight out of the nursery and said, "I'm FULL."

Henry has never uttered those words before...I'm full. He told me he didn't want lunch and ate NOTHING, not even a cookie. He just sat there with a glazed look in his eyes.
We came home and he told the girls, "Y'all can go for a bike ride, I need a nap."

So apparently, the worker never told him "no" and just gave him as much as he wanted.
But I haven't even told you the worst part of this story. Guess what he ate for dinner....

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