I was SO wrong....

and so was the poll! Baby #5 is a BOY!!!! I was shocked but as soon as I saw that he was a boy, I was just thrilled! I LOVE finding out and I LOVE him so much already. I've already been thinking about having my 3 sons running all over our house. I can't wait! 3 boys 3 and under...how much fun!! I think Kate looked sad for about 3 seconds and then she was excited and happy. Claire always just goes with the flow so she was happy right away. In the car on the way home I said, "Kate, what are we going to do! There are going to be more boys is our house than girls!" She quickly said, "Oh good, we'll just have to play a lot of tricks on them."
So everyone's happy!
NO CLUE on names. That should have been a sign because I think we had a few girl names we liked but 0 boy names. Oh well, we are required by law to pick one so I think we will be fine!


  1. Love! I can't wait to see these three tromping through the mud together. I'm sure Claire will be fine and Kate will have no trouble keeping everyone in order. :) Congrats to you all.

  2. How exciting! I thought it would be a girl too! I agree, finding out is so fun and you get to plan a name, etc.!

  3. Congratulations! How blessed you are! The world needs strong Christian men (and women)and you are just the family to do it!