Naming a Baby: Our Mystery Factor

In 2004 we named our first child Kate. In 2006 we names our second child Claire. In 2007 we named our third child Henry. In 2009 we named our 4th child Jack. Notice a pattern? We didn't either, but as has been noted in a previous blog post, we began watching ABC's Lost on Netflix in the Spring of 2010, and were astonished to realize later in that year that each of these names was a character on the show. As we named our 5th child, we were not guaranteed to pick a name from this show, but I think we both secretly hoped the name we selected would be a character from the show, and fortunately we did end up with a name from the character list. This probably speaks to the fact that we are more controlled by our culture than we realize, but then again, in 30 years this will provide a nice story to tell the grandchildren as they watch Lost on Nick@night.

Feel free to guess the name in the comments.

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