Just wanted to give a quick update. I'll write a separate post about homeschooling later. Quickly, it is going well and we will continue with it next year. Kate will be in 1st grade and Claire will be in Kindergarten. "Well" doesn't always mean easy, but it is good.

Kate and Claire are just busy with school, ballet and playing. Henry and Jack are busy with trains and trucks.

One funny thing, Jack was crying and calling for "Momma" the other day and Kate said,
"Jack is NOT ready to get married. You cannot be crying and calling for "Momma" when it's time to get married."

I'm starting to get tired. I'm hoping it's just this week and I'm not already entering that phase of the pregnancy. I still have about 15 weeks left!!! Simon Oliver is moving and kicking a lot which is nice. He's busy and seems like he'll fit right in. I am still wavering on what to call him. I've never really done that before so it's a little strange. I can't seem to settle on one name. Simon, Oliver or Sims. I have no idea. He will be named Simon Oliver for sure! I already have his initials monogrammed on his diaper bag and that's more official than a birth certificate as far as I'm concerned! Rick is set on Simon or Sims so I don't know why I keep throwing Oliver into the mix. I just wish I would feel settled about it.

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  1. Jack CANNOT get married before me!! That is hilarious!!