Naming a Baby: Gender Identification

Names are often gender specific, but throughout history many names have switched the primary gender to which they are normally given. It has been our practice to avoid giving such names to our children. We have especially avoided giving names that are currently in transition between sexes. This is more a matter of preference than principle for us, but I do feel there is some value in giving names strongly tied to the child's sex in today's society. As many in our society seek to deny and nullify the differences between the sexes in hopes of destroying the foundation of marriage as we know it Scripturally and historically, it seems wise to do all we can to train our children as to their Biblical roles as instituted by our Creator. The name of the child is one tool that can be used in this training. Naming a child with a purpose and using this name in their training on a regular basis will serve to remind them of the purposes of God throughout their lives.

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