Naming a Baby: Weak or Strong

Boys are too often encouraged to remain young and immature in our society. This encouragement comes in both overt and subtle or unintentional forms. While mothers baby their little boys and protect them from taking responsibility in life, fathers too often stand by and do not honor their God given role of training their children to leave their care and honor their heavenly Father while on this earth. All of this occurs while leaders throughout the nation and world decry serious attempts to shape and train children in the name of freedom. "Children should be allowed to freely follow their own path in life" is the shout proclaimed by many, but those people fail to understand the message of scripture that says we are born dead in our trespasses and sins. Giving a son a strong name is one way in which we hope to instill in them their duty to God to lead and take responsibility in whatever sphere they are given. This is especially true in their role as head of the family.

What makes a name strong? Various factors can play into this including the meaning, its origin and historical age, the men usually associated with this name in history, and some other more arbitrary reasons. One of the last questions I always ask myself is if I consider this a strong name. I do realize that Christ's strength came through His appearing weak as He died on the cross.  So, strength is more associated with submission to the will of God and leaning on His power than in showing forth the power of man.

As a note, when considering names for girls the same principle applies, but in them, of course, we are looking to encourage Biblically feminine traits.

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