To my sweet Kate,

It is now almost March of 2008. You are 3 years and 2 months old. You are no longer a baby. You want to be a big girl and you are becoming one very quickly. You love to do "school" and trace pictures, talk about letters and numbers and all sorts of things. You want to know everything. You are a great big sister. You love Claire and love to play with her. She adores you and so does Henry. If he is crying, you've figured out that if you touch his face, he'll stop crying so you love to help "settle" him. You love to help me do everything, make dinner, do the laundry, dust, etc. You are also quick to point out when Claire disobeys. I have memories of doing the same with my sister. I haven't quite figured out how to stop this but hopefully I will someday.

You love to dance on your father's feet and you ask him all the time, "Daddy, can we dance"? Every time you say this I literally have to hold back my tears. I know I'm going to close my eyes and when they open, you'll be saying that at your wedding. You father loves to dance with you too and I know in his heart, he's thinking the same think I am.

We found out this week that you have to get glasses. I took you in for your 3 year check up and they did a routine vision screening. They do this by taking a picture of your eye. Your left pupil was smaller than your right which can be an indication of being farsighted so we were referred to a pediatric opthamologist. I thought it was crazy because as far as I could tell, you could see fine. You recognize and point out letters and numbers and can trace and draw. We went for your examine and they did a more comprehensive screening and we were told that you are in fact farsighted. The doctor said we couldn't tell because your brain compensates for the vision problem by working extra hard and it does allow you to see. He said the problem comes if not corrected because the brain will continue to over compensate which would eventually cause your eye to turn in. Your vision is +2.5and +3.0 which honestly means nothing to me! He said you may grow out of it so I'll be interested to see if it has or not when you read this letter.

You were THRILLED to find out you needed glasses...it was so cute. You love wearing sun glasses so when I told you you were getting some glasses that you had to wear all the time, you thought that was the best. We are going to order them on Saturday and it's been hard for you to wait. You keep asking when you are getting your princess glasses. (I'm not sure where that came from!) I'm thankful that we live in a time when this problem can be caught early and corrected. That is truly a blessing. The Lord is good. I am near sighted so the next time I will see perfectly will be in when I see my Savior. If you remain farsighted, you will have the same blessing I have.

I Cor 13:12 "Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face."

I can't wait to see your cute face in your "princess" glasses

I love you always and always,


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  1. Peggy- your notes are so sweets to your children and once again i am touched by your love for your children. You are an inspiration to see the good and blessings even in potty training and glasses!! Gigi is the same although we are monitoring her till she turns two before we go to glasses. hopefully she willout grow it too but if not I know you will be able to lend lots of great advice. I keep wondering how she will keep them on. I know that Kate will be so cute in her glasses- can't wait to see a picture! Mel