John McCain - Super Tuesday - The political system is failing

Doug Wead wrote an interesting blog post today considering the impact of Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign on politics in the nation. I hope he's right in his point that this election year will be the beginning of great change.

I hope many will have their eyes enlightened to see that John McCain is a wolf in sheep's clothing. We often hear people cry out in our country that we must leave the personal lives of people out of the public square. This is wholeheartedly false because how one acts behind closed doors is an excellent picture of their integrity and values.

John McCain divorced his wife and is accused using "his authority to arrange frequent flights that allowed him to carouse with subordinates and "engage in extra-marital affairs." There are too many unanswered questions about John McCain for him to gain my support.

Politics as usual won on this Super Tuesday. I've heard so many people say that we need to elect someone that will be able to beat the democrats. Each time I mention the name Ron Paul to someone, I hear the response, "I'd agree with what he says and would vote for him if I thought he could win." So, it's now more important for a party to win rather than ideologies to be assessed. Consider why you are republican (or democrat). I was "born into" the republican party, and now everyone (media) tells me that if I'm conservative (Christian), I need to make sure those evil democrats do not get into office.

I ask you this one question. Can we really trust John McCain to hold to his vows? He has continually crossed lines over to side with those "evil" democrats, and now he tells me he is the most conservative person running for President....I don't believe him. He's proven he cannot be trusted.

For this reason, I sure hope Doug Wead is correct in his assessment of the Ron Paul revolution. We need a change, but none of the "front-runners" are speaking of change. The next 4 years will continue us on the path we are currently on, and I for one will not be happy (politically speaking that is!).

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