This week's highlights

Henry - went for his 2 month check-up 3 weeks late. That's about right for the third baby. He weighs 13 lbs 2 oz and is 25 in long. That puts him at 70% weight and 90% height which trust me....means nothing. He also is consistently sleeping 11 hrs at night without waking. As soon as we get a few good 12 hr nights, (which hopefully will come this next week) he'll start going to bed at 7:00 with his sisters! YEA!
All of our children have started sleeping 12 hrs around this point...tummy sleeping is the only way to go!

Claire - is 22 months old now and potty trained (except for diapers at night.)I started on Monday and she had 4 accidents, 10 on Tuesday and then the light came on sometime around 3:00pm on Tuesday and she hasn't had an accident since. Now she tells me when she needs to go and has actually gone a few times by herself!!
I just stopped putting her in diapers and took her frequently until she got it. Trust me...it's a rough couple of days but worth it. I did the same with Kate when she trained.

Kate - is 3 years old and apparently has become a socialist. Claire's reward for going to the bathroom the first couple of days was chapstick. (Both girls are obsessed with it.) Anyway, every time Claire would have a success, Kate would scream, "YEA CLAIRE! Now I get some chapstick"!
We all know Rick's stance on Ron Paul and apparently we can guess who Kate likes (as long as universal health care includes chapstick.)I'm glad Rick didn't try and potty train Claire because I can hear the conversation now:

Claire: I DID IT!
Kate: YEA! Now I get some chapstick!
Rick: Neither of you get chapstick...I paid for that chapstick...you girls both can go work to pay for your own! You're not entitled to anything around here!

So that's it!! It's been a BIG week in our house!


  1. Whoa! Potty Training...wow..Go Claire and mommy! I am very impressed!
    I keep forgetting about doing that...maybe one day AH can do that!

  2. Hi Peggy! Your children are so precious! I love reading your letters to them.

    Tell me more about how you potty-trained Claire! I have 2.5 & 19mo boys and we are working on it but something's just not clicking with the older one yet!!