My "Birthday" Party

My birthday is not until May, but I had a wonderful birthday party on Monday.
Kate called me into the living room and announced that she was having a birthday party for me. She and Claire sang "Happy Birthday" and danced (which really consists of jumping up an down and marching in place really fast.)
Then Kate sat in my lap and "read" me my birthday card. (I had been writing thank you notes and she had one of those.) She said, "this card says thank you for the birthday party, love kate."
She then said, "it's time for a story. (she had one of rick's seminary books.) this story is from John and it's about a sicamore tree and zacheus. the people were really mad at him because he took their money but then God changed his heart and he gave their money back. the end."
Then I had a birthday cake, hamburger, fries, cucumber, banana, and coke all made by the girls in their kitchen.
I must say that even though my mom threw me some great birthday parties as a child, this once topped them all.


  1. Absolutely precious! It is amazing how sometimes the walk in a room and make everything worthwhile. I'm so glad you enjoyed your party.

  2. Peggy- What a party!! Your girls are so fun and sweet. I am sure that you will always remember this years birthday!! Tell the girls we want to be invited to the next one!! Love- Mel

  3. gosh darn it those girlies are so cute!