Things you may or may not know about me

Just for fun...

1. I'm 28 yrs old and my birthday is May 1st.
2. I was born at Baptist Montclair Hospital which is also where I met Rick, 20 yrs later.
3. I was voted "Most Helpful" in 5th grade and was humiliated!
4. I took ballet for 10 years
5. I also took fencing lessons!
6. I've been to Mexico, England, France, Germany and Belgium
7. Rick and I snuck into the World Series in Atlanta in 1999.
8.I had a beach romance at Hilton Head
9.I tore my ACL and MCL snow skiing in Colorado and had to have reconstructive surgery
10.If I had sole naming privileges, my children would probably be named Ellen, Lizzy and Henry

I tag Jessica M, Meredith H, Melanie H, Natalie A to do the same!


  1. #5 has me laughing just imagining it! and you must elaborate on #8 PLEASE!!!

  2. There is no way Jesse would even come close to giving me sole naming privileges...sadness...I would have a Lily Kate though, whicih is what we were going to name our first child had he been a girl.