Henry 3 months 3-3-08

To my dear son,

Today you are 3 months old! Time goes by much faster with each child. I am trying my best to hold on to each moment with you. I probably hold you more than I did Kate and Claire only because I know how quickly time passes. I just carry you around with me and go about playing with your sisters and getting my work done around the house. In fact, I'm holding you now...even as I type this letter.
3 months is a good age. You smile every time you see me, you sleep great, you only nurse so I'm not having to prepare food for you, you let me kiss you as much as I want to, and you want me to hold you! What could be better than that! Soon you'll be squirming to get down and play with your sisters but for now you're content with me and I like that.
You have the cutest little ears and sweetest smile. You are a good baby and are a blessing to your family. I truly enjoy every second that I have with you.

I love you with my whole heart,


  1. Of course I remember you Peggy!! You used to babysit us! :-) You're kids are PRECIOUS!!! You've been blogging for a while I see! It's so fun! I look forward to keeping up with you guys!

  2. Hey Peggy! Thanks for your sweet comments on our blog. Your children are so cute. I can't believe how grown up the girls are. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading your sweet letters.