Christmas Wish Lists

Apparently Rick and I spent way too much this year on Christmas. Below are the children's Christmas wishes:

Kate, 8 - I don't know******
Claire, 6.5 - DreamLite ($30)
Henry, 5 - I don't know******
Jack, 3 - A hat (huh????)
Sims, 18 months - Mommy, Mommy, ummmm, ummmm

So as you can see, we could have spent about $35 and made everyone happy.

******Rick and my mom decided that "I don't know" really means: "I am perfectly happy and content with everything I have and couldn't possibly even dream of needing or wanting anything else."

To our 2 children who DO need something, I have good and bad news:
Good news-Claire, you are getting a DreamLite
Bad news-No hat for you, Jack

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