35 weeks

We've passed the 35 week mark! This means that in a little over 4 weeks, Hutch will be here!!! I can't believe how quickly it is going by. Again, this is our busiest season as a family so I am sure that is making the time pass even faster. I know there is a possibility that he will be late but I'm still keeping my eye on the "due" date. I am going to try and hold off and NOT be induced this time unless it becomes necessary. I guess saying it here on the blog will pressure me into sticking with that decision.

I was induced with Kate, Claire, Henry, and Sims at 39 weeks. I've only gone into labor 1 time. It was with Jack at 38.3 weeks. I went to the hospital when I was in VERY early labor (not in any pain) and was immediately given pitocin and had my water broken. So, just for kicks, I'd like to actually go into labor and not go to the hospital until I'm in serious pain. :) We'll see how that goes though. I'm a little nervous that I won't actually know when to go in. You'd think I be a pro on baby #6 but I'm actually a newbie. Rick has watched several Youtube videos on how to solve medical problems we've faced at our house (nursemaids elbow, removing stiches, etc) and I am really hoping he won't be looking up any baby delivery videos because I waited too long to go to the hospital. :) I have a feeling it will be the other way around though and that I'll go in too early. We will see!!

I will try to update every week from now until the birth just for my records.


  1. So exciting to be so close! I pray you do go into labor and know it is labor. I'm hoping to not be group B positive this time, so I don't feel the pressure to rush to the hospital. Hope these last few weeks are fantastic!

  2. All Rick has to do is catch the baby. Hopefully the professionals will be there after that:)