38 weeks

Today I'm 38.1 days. 12 to go until the due date! I could be induced as early as THIS Monday if I wanted to but I'm still holding out for baby to come on his own. I went to the doctor today and have made no progress from last week. That was a little discouraging but I know it is so close now that I might as well just wait it out. I have reached the point in the pregnancy where I am truly ready for him to be born. Babies were not meant to stay inside of you forever and as much as I love his movements, etc, I'm pretty sure I've reached my physical limit. All of our December birthdays and Christmas are over and Rick is finished with his last written tests for ordination. The kids all have new fun things to play with so we'll just stay home and wait now. We've washed all of the things that needed washing and I've packed the baby's things for the hospital. There is nothing left to do.
The only child I've gone into labor with (Jack) was born at 38 weeks and 3 days which would be this Friday. :)I have never even scheduled an OB appointment past 38 weeks and I made my 39 week appointment for next Wednesday. I'll update again then.

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  1. I'm sure it feels good to have everything ready for your little guy. Hoping you can wait without too much frustration for how long he decides to stay. Colin stayed the longest and came 1 day before his due date. I was so mad at him by the time he came. :) It so hard once you reach your limit!