36 weeks

Actually, I'm 36 and a half weeks now. At this point, those half weeks count. :) That means that there are only 24 days left until my "due" date. I still feel pretty good! The main "issues" I have now are related to changing positions. I am fine if I am standing up but if I need to sit down, it's a little hard. I'm fine if I'm sitting down but if I need to stand up it's hard. I feel like I need some sort of pulley system at night to roll over. :) I'm so thankful for this pregnancy and that it has been relatively easy at the end. This is an extra busy season of life for us and at this point, I am not miserable. Rick still works full time as a software engineer, is preaching weekly and teaching Sunday School, is studying and preparing for his final tests (1 written and then oral exams) for ordination, and pastoring a church plant. Plus, he has a wife and 5.9 children. So I'm glad I still feel like bearing my share of responsibility around here. That hasn't always been the case in previous pregnancies in the last weeks. I am starting to want to stay around our home more and not get out as much, but that has more to do with nesting and trying to rest as much as possible.
Next week is make room for baby week. I hope to wash all of Hutch's clothes and blankets, get his little bed ready, and put his car seat in our car. Our 8 passenger Yukon XL will officially be full at that point!
Will update again at 37 weeks!!

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