37 weeks

Today I am 37 weeks and 1 day. 19 days until the due date! I went to the doctor for my check up and have made a little progress from last week. As far as the pregnancy goes, I'll still feeling good. The biggest change from last week is that I am sick. I have some sort of respiratory infection and that is making me feel pretty bad. My doctor gave me a Z-pack and I'm on day 3, so hopefully I will feel better soon. All 3 boys are all sick as well. The girls are about to go crazy being stuck inside but Rick's off of work the rest of the week so hopefully that will help. I think Kate is having the hardest time of anyone. She has so much anticipation built up inside of her, it's just about too much. Her birthday is Saturday, Christmas is Tuesday, and then the baby's birth. She thinks it is "forever" until he is born and that 19 days is "sooooo" far away!! :)
This week is still "make room for baby" week. I've washed all of Hutch's clothes, blankets, his car seat cover, and his bouncy seat cover. Now we just need to bring his dresser and bassinet upstairs, install his car seat and we will be good to go. Next week I'll pack his things for the hospital. I never pack my stuff until it's time to go but it is fun getting the baby's things packed and ready.
We were all out the other day and I felt like a child was missing so I can tell we are getting close. I have even called Sims by the baby's name!
I'll be 38 weeks on Christmas Day but will be back sometime that week for an update.

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