I am sick. Really sick. This baby is making his/her presence known. It's OK because I am more than thankful for this new life. I was hoping though that my sickness would give me a hint about gender. With both girls, I actually GOT SICK, but then I'd be fine the rest of the day. With both boys, I FELT SICK all day long but rarely got sick. This time, I feel sick ALL day long but I'm GETTING SICK as well. So, I have no idea as to what I think we're having.
Also, I've never really had cravings before. Now I get them and then that's it! I don't want it ever again! For example, this weekend I had to have Krystal hamburgers. Ate them, it was good. Now never bring them to me again. I mean it. Then I had to have nachos from Moes. Once again, good, but now, never again. That is crazy.
Henry wants a brother. I didn't think he would care but he says he wants a brother every time it's discussed. The girls are convinced it's a girl. Kate says we've had 2 boys and so it's time for a girl. She is very "matter of fact" about it.
We are going to find out what we are having. It looks like it will be the first week in January so I can't wait. One reason is because Rick does not like to talk about/pick a name until we know for sure what we are having. I would like to pick it out before I'm pregnant. I think we actually do have it narrowed WAY down this time (down to about 2 names for girls and maybe already a boy's name) because there are only so many names out there and we've probably discussed a lot of them in past pregnancies. I'm still holding out hope that we'll have our names going into the ultrasound so when the tech says, "it's a ______", that I can think, "it's (baby's name)"! I know we have plenty of time though!


  1. Well, since your sick like that, maybe you are having twins!

  2. No twins! We just saw 1 little baby!