Disney - LAST DAY

On our last day, we went back to the Magic Kingdom. My parents and sister Sarah left early that morning so we were on our own. I was so glad they came with us. We had the best time with them.

We were sitting in front of the castle for a show. All of the princess danced and it was cute. I love this picture because everyone was still happy, even after 8 days of fun! They were tired but no bad attitudes which we were thankful for. We've been back for 16 days and I still am asked at least 5 times a day, "When can we go back to Disney World?" I hope we can go back in 2 or 3 years! We LOVED it!
OK, that all from Disney World! Stay tuned in the next few days (maybe Monday) for something even more exciting than Disney World! :)


  1. When CAN we go back to Disney World? It was so fun!!

  2. what could possibly be more exciting than disney world?!?!?!!?? wait, i do know of one thing :)

  3. Loved all your Disney stories! My kids ask everyday when we can go back. Everyday. I feel the same way.

    Can't wait to read the new announcement. I made a prediction a few days ago when your facebook status was a smiley face, now my suspicions are high.

  4. I LOVED all the Disney updates!!! Can't wait to hear what is more exciting!!!

  5. I love this clip. Jack's response is adorable. I'm so excited about another precious Hutchinson baby.