Disney - Day 5 - Epcot

We went to Epcot on Day 5. We had a princess breakfast in "Norway." It was great! We met Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, and Snow White. Kate said, "This is amazing!" about 4 time during our breakfast. I didn't think there would be much for the kids to do here but they all actually loved it! There are a couple of boat rides in Norway and Mexico, Soarin, and the Test Track were great! This is my favorite picture from Day 5. Kate thought this wig was the greatest thing ever. She was so proud of it and all of the princess mentioned how much they loved her "hair." It was so funny.


  1. I am loving the Disney photos!!! Keep 'em coming! Looks like you guys had a fantastic time!

  2. I forgot how pretty the hair is:)