27 weeks

I'm 27 weeks today. Don't know if that's really the beginning of the 3rd trimester or if that's next week but either way, we're getting close! I am very grateful that this has been the easiest of all 6 pregnancies. My pregnancy with Simon was the hardest so I was wondering how this one would be. I even PASSED my sugar test! :) The only other child I've done that with was Claire. I know I still have 13 weeks left, but so far, best pregnancy yet. Easy or hard, I tend to be completely over the entire thing around 34 weeks and by 37 weeks, I'm normally in hibernation mode. Knowing this, we started school end of July so we will have completed half of the required school days by the 1st of December. This way, we can take off the months of December and January and still be finished up with our year in May!
We have a busy few months ahead so I know this pregnancy will continue to fly by. Rick is going out of town for training later in October and then in November he has to go back out of town for more training and I'M GOING WITH HIM!!! He's worked for his company for 11 years and has only been out of town 1 other time. These 2 conferences just happen to fall close together this year. We have not been out of town together in over 6 years so I am super excited. This is also the last time I've been without children. I have grand plans to go do some things while Rick is in his meetings but I may just hang out at the hotel! :)
After those trips we have Thanksgiving, Henry's birthday (December 3rd), Jack's birthday (December 9th), Kate's Birthday (December 22nd), Christmas, and then mere days until Hutch's birth.
Hutch does have a name (and yes, it is on the "Lost" character list :)) but I don't know if we'll share it before he's born or not. We're still trying to decide on that one. Although, I've called him Hutch for so long, I sometimes say that name when I'm thinking about him. We're all very excited about the newest little guy! :)


  1. I went on a Daxko trip with Daniel to Disney (Disney Institute...but we got do pay a little extra for me to do Disney World at night with him, and he was staying at the resort, so it was pretty nice!) when I was 32 weeks with John. I just floated in the pool and read/fell asleep in a lounge chair all day while he was in meetings and then we hung out at Disney in the evenings. We also combined it with a couple of nights at a B&B in Appalachicola FL on the way there...so it turned out to be a nice babymoon for not a lot of cash! :) Have fun!!

  2. So excited y'all get to have a get away before Hutch :) is born. Live it up!
    It was fun to get to talk to you today. We'll be in touch soon!