Zoolight Safari

We went to Zoolight Safari last night! The weather was perfect. It was 62 degrees so we didn't even wear coats. It was the best time we've ever had there. There was no rush and surprisingly, it wasn't crowded at all! I assumed that since the weather was so nice that it would be packed!

They were all so excited! (And yes, Henry got a haircut today)

We go for the "free" rides at the zoo. It would have cost us $21 to ride the train for 2 mins. Crazy
My 3 little snowman
Picture taken by Kate

Ok this requires some explanation. They have an Auburn and an Alabama section at the zoo and you can take your picture by the inflatable mascots. There was A LINE at the Alabama section and NO ONE at the Auburn section. Come on people. They were also giving out Alabama signs but not Auburn ones. CRAZY!!

We had fun on Kate's last night to be 5!

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