Our kids learn to say War Eagle as soon as they can talk. My sister Sarah stepped it up a little this year and taught the kids to say "WAR EAGLE - BEAT BAMA"!!!! That is after all, the point of every season right? During every game, we heard, "WAR EAGLE - BEAT BAMA!!!" We played LSU and it was "WAR EAGLE - BEAT BAMA!!!"
Well, we beat bama and had only 1 game to win and then we'd be off to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! It was against South Carolina. So last week I had the bright idea of teaching them to say something different. We were in the car and saw a blow up "Aubie" in someone's yard so I heard, "WAR EAGLE - BEAT BAMA!!!"

I said, "Just for this week, let's say "WAR EAGLE - BEAT THE GAMECOCKS."

I heard crickets in the back seat and then all at once, "WHAT DID YOU SAY??? What's a game cock?? A what?? What is that?? Mommy what??

I said, "OK. Well how about WAR EAGLE - BEAT SOUTH CAROLINA!!"

Claire and Henry started to say it but Kate said, "We've been there, that's where Hilton Head is. I like South Carolina."

So I just said, "Nevermind."

And the "WAR EAGLE - BEAT BAMA!!" cheer started again.

I think we'll just stick with that. I'd try to teach them "WAR EAGLE - BEAT THE DUCKS!!" but I'm pretty sure I would be met with, "But I like ducks! Why would you beat a duck?? Can we get a duck??"

And in case you missed the best play ever, here is it:

Can I get a "WAR EAGLE - BEAT BAMA" for that play???

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