Audio/Video cables broke off into DVD player

Have you ever had a device where the red and white audio cables and/or the yellow video cable broke off into the machine?  We bought an extremely cheap DVD player on Black Friday ($10), and within 15 minutes of opening it I had dropped it and the buttons were stuck.  Still functioning at this point, I moved forward to set it up and we watched a couple of DVDs over the next day.

Then Jack our one year old struck.  He knocked the DVD player onto the floor and the ends of the cables broke off into the DVD player.  I finally got around to trying to fix it today and Google saved the day again.  The best advice I found was to use a small drill bit.  So I did the following:

  1. Found the smallest drill bit I have
  2. Drilled into the broken off piece that was in the back of the DVD player about 1/4 of an inch
  3. Took the drill bit out of the drill and inserted it into the hole
  4. Used the drill be to pry the broken piece out
Perfection.  Our $10 DVD player seems to have more lives than a cat.  Since this solution worked for me I wanted to share the solution with others in hopes that this may solve someone else's issues with a much more expensive device.


  1. Would that work with a DVD player thats mounted in our van, do you think?

  2. Should work the same way. Granted mine was a $10 DVD player so I'd be careful when dealing with one mounted in your van. I could risk ruining mine, but you do not have that luxury with it mounted in your van! Attempt at your own risk :).