Henry - 3 years old - 12/3/10

To my son on your third birthday,

Herny - how I love you! What joy you have brought into our family in the short time you have been with us. You are a treasure! You brought trucks and train, dirt and rocks into our house that was once full of dolls and princesses. You are kind and you are a boy and I can tell you have 2 big sisters. A few weeks ago you were playing outside and ran in to give me a rock that you said was just for me. (The girls bring me flowers all the time so I guess boys bring rocks.) After about the 15th rock of the day you said, "Mommy you need to put these rocks in a vase with water in them." I put the girls' flowers in water, so why wouldn't I put your rocks in water.
You are a smart boy and have learned many bible verse and the first 4 catechism questions. We have starting asking you to pray at lunch or during worship at night by yourself instead of repeating after us. Two weeks ago during your prayer you said, "Father, help me to love you." What joy that brought to my heart and I earnestly pray the Lord will draw you to Himself and you will love Him with all your heart, soul, strength and might. During that same prayer, you also said, "Please help Jack learn to obey Mommy." You're always thinking of others :) Last Sunday was your first week to come into worship with us and that was a great time for me. I love having you all in with us. We take you out right before the sermon but there were actually 2 songs that we sung that you knew so that was perfect.
When I ask who your best friend is, you say, "JACK"!! However, right now Claire is clearly your best friend. The 2 of you are peas in a pod and do almost everything together. Right now you seem to have similar personalities so I can't wait to see if that stays true. Jack is teaching you to share which is a wonderful thing. The girls never take your trains or rocks away from you but Jack will. I am just thrilled you have a brother and can't wait to see how the 2 of you relate once Jack is a little older.
You love Thomas the Train and the Wiggles. You love trucks and Crocs and actually have slept in your Crocs the past 2 days at nap time.
As tired as I am at the end of the day, I'm so glad you are all home with me. You will be sent out into the world soon enough so I am soaking in every minute of every age. It goes by too quickly.
Thanks for my rocks, keep them coming.
I will love you forever,

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