New Computer

we finally got our wireless network working again so I figured it was tine for a new blog post! We haven't posted in a while for 2 reasons. l. We an too lazy to walk downstairs to use the Computer & Q Reggy is pregnant and since striders most of our posting, we had no one to post because she has not felt well.

Now on to The post. First I'll explain the title & then I'll tell a story. My worK bought me a new computers they got Me a tablet PC. I'm writing this post W/a pen on the screen & the recognition of My chicken scratCh handwriting is amazing. this technology blows my mind. I find that I think More about what I'm writing when I use "ink" instead of simply typing.

I cannot explain how amazed I am that it recognizes cursive writing as well as regular print. I often switch between the two in a Sentence & this thing has no issues w/ that .

Well, that's it for now. I've decided to tell my story in a Separate blog post.

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