Congratulations to Rick!!

He's still alive!! Rick has had an exceptionally busy last few months. It all started with a very demanding seminary class. It was just a general New Testament class which we both assumed would be an easy class for him to take this semester. Well, it wasn't. He had to memorize a key verse from every book in the NT (Romans to Revelation) and the outlines of each book (the outlines according to the ESV Reformation Study Bible...if you have it...you will see how difficult that was.) Then on top of that was all the reading normally involved as well as a 22 page exegesis of Romans 3:21-26.
This is in addition to his normal job as a software engineer which in the past months has been more demanding because of a role change, etc.
He also has been remodeling our bathroom.
He also has a 2 year old and a 1 year old.
He also has a wife...and a sick pregnant one at that...(i'm thankfully better now)
So great job Rick...I love you and I'm proud of you!!

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