Kate - 5/22/07 - 2 years 5 months

My dear Kate,

You are such a fun and sweet girl! We've been having a lot of fun these last few weeks playing outside since the weather is nice now. You still take an afternoon nap from about 1 - 3 and sleep at night from 7 - 7. You are obsessed with the color orange...that is not an exageration. You want orange shoes, orange clothes, orange cups, plates, etc. Everywhere we go you point out everything that is orange! Also, you talk non stop. I don't think a second goes by when you aren't talking. Your father asked me a few days ago if you ever stop talking during the day and of course I said no. I love talking with you. Poor Claire, I don't think she stands a chance in getting a word in. You are a very smart little girl...sometimes too smart! A few nights ago I was giving you and Claire a bath and she kept standing up. I told her to sit down and she didn't so I gave her a little spanking on the bottom and she sat down. A little while later she stood up again and I told her to sit again and she didn't so I spanked her again and this time she didn't sit down. You looked at her and said, "Sit down Claire," and then you popped her on her bottom and then she sat down. I told you not to spank her and to let daddy and I take care of Claire. You looked at me curiously and said, "but she sat down."

You love to sing. Whenever you hear a new song, you'll listen to about 30 seconds of it and then ask me to hear that part again. So we'll listen to it again and again until you memorize it and then you'll move on to another part of the song. It's actually pretty neat that you do that.

I'm so happy to have you as my daughter. You are a blessing and a joy to me and to our family.

I love you and I love you,


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