Searching for the Bones of Jesus?

Of course, the documentary on the Discovery Channel tonight was wrong in the conclusion that Jesus' bones have been found. I was not surprised to hear the show claim that we cannot be historical and realistic while trusting the scriptural account that Christ physically arose from the dead. I was also not surprised to see a university scholar claim that finding Jesus' bones would not destroy his faith because he "leaves what happens to bodies to God." That is a noble claim is it not.

Let me clearly state that I find this documentary foolish and without merit. The opening of the show said the information in the following scenes is disputed so the viewer should use their own judgement to decide the truth of what is shown. I have used my judgement and found the show to fully lack truth.

And now a little humor in relation to this story. I was googling for info on this documentary and came across the following comment made by a reader on wtopnews.com.

"I dug up the original Easter Bunny by accident just this weekend. The
tomb had the initials 'E.B' and had mysteriously ancient carrot-like characters."

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