Kate 2 years, 3 months - 3/22/07

Dear Kate,

You are now sleeping in a toddler bed! You are doing great! The first 2 nights you fell out of your bed 3 times each night. On the third night, we prayed to the Lord with you that He would keep you safe in your bed and that you wouldn't fall out anymore. Guess what! You didn't fall out that night and you haven't since! What a blessing it was the next morning to thank God with you for keeping you safe in your bed. Yes...the Lord hears our prayers. A few nights later, you prayed with Daddy that a little boy scout lost in the woods would be found. He had been missing for several days. Guess what! The little boy scout was found safe. Again we got to thank the Lord with you for answering our prayers. What a testimony to God's faithfulness even at such an early age. What an opportunity to be able to teach you to thank God when we do see an answer to our prayers. Pray sweet Kate and pray your whole life. We have a God who hears us and tells us to pray. What a blessing and a privilege.

I love you now and forever. I pray and thank God for you.

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