Claire-10 months old-02-19-07

Dear Claire,

You are 10 months old now. This has been a big month for you! You spent your first night away from us this month while your father and I went on an anniversary trip. You stayed with Boo and Papaw for 7 days! I actually was thinking you wouldn’t remember me but you did and I was so happy to see you! I missed you very much while we were away but we had a great time with each other and I am thankful we were able to take the trip. I think every time I want you to do something, I’m going to send you over to Boo’s house! I was still giving you 5 bottles when I left (I know…way too many) and now you are down to 2!! Also, I’d be trying to teach you to drink out of a cup with no success and now you drink out of a cup perfectly!! I am so proud of you.
You still sleep from 7-7 and take 2 naps. You don’t eat any baby food any more and you are such a great eater! You love everything!! You have 4 teeth!
You and Kate are playing together some which is cute. You’ll both just start laughing sometimes when you are playing which is fun. You are becoming more independent but still like to be near me. You can wave, clap and blow kisses. You are walking along furniture but aren’t ready to venture out by yourself yet. You can say UH-OH! And love to drop things and say it. You can say “dada” and just started saying “mama” this week. You’ll only say mama though when you are crying and grabbing my legs trying to get me to pick you up but that’s OK because I love to hear it! You say also say “bye bye” and “hi” when prompted.
You can say “BURRRR” and I know you know what that means because you only say it when it’s cold outside or when I’m changing your diaper! It’s pretty cute.

I love you my baby,

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