I haven't updated in 2 weeks now! I have been meaning to do so but honestly, my finger is still hurting so I haven't been typing that much. (There is no feeling in the top 2/3rds, and I am still having nerve pain. Please do not cut your finger with a blender that is turned on.)  I hope to have posts soon about Henry starting soccer, Sims turning 15 months, and then in a few weeks, our trip to Disney World! We are heading back soon! We literally started saving for this trip the month we returned from our last trip 2 years ago. I think I was a little crazy about the entire thing because whenever a child would find a penny on the road, they would run to me screaming, "Mommy-here is money for our Disney World fund!!!" And yes, we booked our trip in March, before we found out about baby Hutch. It will be interesting to see what Disney World is like pregnant but hey, I'll have 5 other children to distract me. :) We are all so THRILLED about going but I honestly think I am the one that is the most excited!
Be back soon!

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  1. Hate your finger is still causing you so much trouble! We are going to Disney the first week of October, can't wait. I've been pregnant at Disney and it really isn't that big of a deal, especially with young children. Just means Jason gets to ride the roller coasters with the big boys and the other thrill rides solo. :)