If MacGyver had a daughter....

who liked to play with American Girl dolls, her name would have been Kate. I'll find her walking down the hallway with aluminum foil, a straw, a piece of tape, and a cardboard box, and 5 mins later she will come out of her room saying, "I made a microwave for my American Girl dolls." She has probably made at least 25 different things so far including a microwave, a checkers set, a mermaid costume, and even a lava lamp. :)

Here is a picture of her bathroom.You can see a shower, a toilet, and a cabinet. Love that girl!

I have been meaning to post about Henry's entry into soccer but it was rained out this week and we'll miss next week, but it's coming!!!


  1. There is much to be said about kids who are resourceful. They have the best imaginations!
    My favorite is the shower :).

  2. How creative of her!!! I am very impressed. :)