My Finger

Rick has this rule that I'm not allowed to use a sharp knife while pregnant. I cut my finger every single pregnancy. Well, now we have a new rule, no using the hand blender. I was making dinner and using is to cut up some chicken. I needed to clean it out so I could use it again and stuck my finger in it and must have hit the "on" switch with my right hand. Intense pain, followed by blood splattering, led to me screaming and the girls crying. I was certain I had cut my finger off, or at least straight to the bone. I had no idea what to do, so I grabbed a dish towel, put pressure on it, and called Rick. Thankfully he was able to come right home and take me to the doctor. I called my parents and they rushed over to keep the kids.
3 stitches later and all is well (except there is still intense pain, which I've heard can last awhile). Thankful I still have my finger and that it was easily fixed. Boy, it hurts though!!!!!!

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