Kate's Birthday

Our Birthday celebrations concluded today with a trip to the American Girl Doll Store in Atlanta! Today is Kate's 7th birthday and she has been talking about going to this store for months. Here's a tip, call ahead and make a reservation with a personal shopper. It's free and a store employee will walk you around the store, leave you alone to make your purchasing decisions, and then she'll check you out so that you don't have to stand in the long lines! It was great!! She also gave the girls an AG magazine and craft to take home.
We went with my mom and my youngest sister Emma. We were sorry Rick's mom couldn't join us!

We heard screams of joy as we drove up

Claire wanted her picture taken by every "Julie" doll in the store. Look at that smile!! :)
Kate with "Kit"
Lunch in the food court with Auntie Em :)
Emma, Mamma and Me :)
My dear sister Emma. We are 12 years apart. She was 10 when I got married, and 13 when I had Kate. I am so thankful for her, even though I was horrified when I found out my mom was pregnant because I had just been told out what "caused" it a few weeks earlier. :) I honestly can't imagine our family and my life without her. We missed our other sister Sarah who was hard at work.
Happy Birthday to my dearest Kate. She made me a mother. She was the first of my babies I held, and nursed, and prayed for. She is growing up but she is still a little girl. I am thankful that she has professed a faith in Christ. I am thankful I am her mother. May the Lord grant us with many more years together and many more sweet memories to make like we did today.


  1. I had so much funnn!!!

  2. I'm glad y'all had fun! I hate that I wasn't able to go but I loved the show and tell I got from the girls!