Family Parties

We have such wonderful families and are most grateful for them. It really means a great deal to us that everyone would come out and celebrate our dear children. The first family party was in Gadsden and everyone was so generous with their gifts! The kids loaded up!!! :)

Singing "Happy Birthday"
Henry opening a fun gift!
Jack got an awesome ball! He was THRILLED to receive his favorite type of toy!
Kate, LOVING her new American Girl doll accessory!! We've gone a little American Girl doll crazy in our house this year.

Our other family party was at my parents' house the very next night. Can I please tell you all how thankful we are that we live near both sets of grandparents!! We had the best time and I always love a reason to go down and hang out at their house.

Henry opening his awesome Thomas rainboots which he wears even if it's 70 degrees and not raining! Jack and Rick working hard on opening another fun gift!
The wonderful Birthday cake!
Here's a close up

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