Our birthday celebrations are officially over for the month!!! Today is Kate's 7th Birthday but I'm going to recap the boys first.

Henry's birthday was December 3rd. He was due on Pearl Harbor Day. I cannot believe he is 4 years old now! We had the "Birthday Bash" last year for Henry, Jack and Kate so this year we just had family parties. We did have a little celebration for Henry on his actual birthday. This is what he woke up to:
We got him a stomp rocket, which is such a fun toy!! ALL of our kids LOVE it. Here's a link: stomp rocket. It may be too late to get one for Christmas, but it's a great toy to have on hand!
Henry loves cars, playing tackle football in our den, playing "obstacle course" on the Wii, playing freeze tag, and playing outside. He is such a fun little guy and is a great big brother.
Happy Birthday my big 4 year old! I love, love, love you!!!

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