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Here's the first question/questions I received:

Tell us more about homeschooling. What curriculum are you using? Are you part of a support group? What does your day look like teaching, learning time and taking care of the kids. Do you like it?

Tell us more about homeschooling.

I'll try to give a little background info because that might help. Kate is technically only in K-4 this year. I wanted to go ahead and start to test everything out. I've spent so much time researching curriculum, schedules, etc, but you have to practically work it out to see how you like it. For instance, I picked Saxon math and I like it in theory, but I don't like teaching it so I've already scrapped it.

When people ask where Kate goes to school and I mention homeschooling, I always get at least one of these responses and most of the time I get all 3: "Oh, you must be so patient." "You must be very disciplined." "I couldn't be around my kids that much." For the record, I am not patient, I am not disciplined, and sometimes it is hard to constantly be working and not have a break. Seriously, if you don't believe me, ask Rick. I am sinful and I am selfish but I have learned that I can "do all things through Christ who strengthens me." When I have a good day, and I'm super patient and on top of everything, I can look back at the end of the day and KNOW that the Lord has supplied all my needs. When I have a terrible day and I'm impatient and unorganized (unmotivated) I can look back at the end of the day and KNOW my need for Christ. The Lord is gracious and gives me enough good days as to not become too discouraged, and enough hard days to protect me from pride. About once every 2 months or so, I cry to Rick and he reminds me of these things as well. For some, homeschooling may be "easy", but for me, it puts me in a place where I have to 100% rely on the Lord and I know that's a good place to be.

One story and then I'll stop and answer the other questions later so you all won't be bored with this long post. A couple of weeks ago, Kate was not getting something we were doing. She's 5 and doesn't know things, THAT'S WHY I'M TEACHING HER!!! I should have been patient and understanding, instead, I became frustrated with her. I knew I had hurt her by my impatience and frustration; she had tears in her eyes. At this point, I felt like the worst mother in the entire world. I went to her and hugged her. I apologized for my actions and explained to her that this is why Christ had to come and die, to save me from my sin. I'm so sinful that I would make my own daughter want to cry. She forgave me and we prayed together and I confessed my sin to the Lord. That stayed with me all day and I told Rick about it that night. I was still feeling bad about it. Rick explained to me that that situation is one of the main reasons we want to homeschool; we want our children to SEE the gospel lived out on a daily basis. We don't want them to only have knowledge of our Saviour. The gospel is real, Christ is real, sin is real and He has forgiven my sin through His death. I am not perfect and our children won't be either, but they can see sinful parents, seeking (and desperate for) the Lord, thankful for what He has done.

I'll answer these questions in the next post:

What curriculum are you using? Are you part of a support group?

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