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What curriculum are you using?

I've spent hours and hours looking at curriculum. Maybe that's not necessary but it was important to me. Here's what I've settled on for next year.

Bible: The Bible, Veritas Press Old Testament read alouds, Leading Little Ones to God, Catherine Vos Story Bible. Memory work: Bible verses, 1/2 Children's Catechism, 1 Hymn a month. This will all be done throughout the day in formal and informal learning. Hymns can be learned in the car for example.

Language Arts (included reading, reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, handwriting): Christian Light Education 1

Greek: Hey Andrew! Reader The Reader simply teaches the Greek alphabet so no big deal!

Science and History: Christian Light Education 1. No formal lessons are needed in Kindergarten but we'll just do this for fun and see how it goes. Both will probably only be done 2-3 times a week.

Read-Alouds: Little House in the Big Woods, Charlotte's Web, AA Milne (for poetry), etc

Character Training: Doorposts - Polished Cornerstones. This is character training for girls. It hopefully will be repeated over several years with different projects for different ages. 1 time a week

Kate will probably also take piano (from my mom) and ballet.

In second grade, we'll switch over to Veritas Press for Bible and History.
That's the plan for now.

Are you part of a support group? No - not at this time. The state law requires enrollment in a "cover school" at age 7. We will start that at the beginning of the next school year (2011-2012). We will be using Evangel Presbyterian. That will be my "offical" support group. Right now, I do know a few other moms that are homeschooling that I know of and one person in particular that I can call when I'm having a bad day and she'll encourage me.

I'll take a break from the homeschool questions (I'll get back to them) and answer these next time:

I love your big family! How many kids do you think you will have? How do you and your husband find time for intimate time? - Don't worry, this will be G-rated!

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  1. We are looking at Evangel too! I have never heard of Christian Light. I will have to check it out! I hope y'all are doing well!