The Big Huge Dora

Dora was at the McWane Center today! Since Claire LOVES Dora, I decided to take everyone to see her. After reading on other blogs that the line was very long, we got there early. She was supposed to come at 10:00 so we got in line at 9:40 and were first! It quickly filled up and Dora came out early, so we only waited 10 minutes. The girls loved seeing and hugging her. Henry loved her from afar and Jack slept through the entire event. After we met her, we did a Dora scavenger hunt which was a big hit.


  1. I'm not gonna lie. Dora is a little creepy looking. And what happened to Diego?

  2. we were there too! the line was too long so we just went to the side and waved at Dora. They were surprisingly ok with that! I am sad we didn't get to see y'all.