Kate was excited because, "THESE ARE GROWN UP SNOWFLAKES, NOT BABY ONES"!!!!

Girls always like to pose for pictures, boys do not. Here is the proof:

This is Kate with her 3 snowmen. They all have pine cones for noses and sticks for eyes. At this point, I REALLY need Rick to come home. He's the "snow parent." I'd rather be inside making hot chocolate.

Then Boo and Papaw came to the rescue with the nice sled:

Then the snow parent came home and built the BIGGEST snowman I've ever seen. This guy was over 6 feet tall. He was more of the Abominable type than the Frosty type. Did you notice that I said was? Mere moments after this picture was taken, the snowman met his demise and crashed to the ground. Oh well, at least I got proof.


  1. Those pictures are cute and that snowman is gigantic!!!!!

  2. hahah i like how the ground is fresh out of snow in the picture with rick and his snowman. he used it all up! haha see yall wednesday!!

  3. But it's better than the snowmen in our neighborhood that have leaves and dirt in it!

  4. I can't believe he made a snowman that big- very impressive! Glad you are handling four so well!