For Emma

I promised Emma I'd make a new post everyday this week. I forgot so she had to remind me. Sorry Emma and thanks!

Here are some updates. This little guy is 2 months old. He was 12 lb 3 oz when I took him to the doctor yesterday. I don't know what that means but people always ask how much he weighs so there it is. At what point do people stop wanting to know your weight? No one asks me how much I weigh. Speaking of that, I still have 10 lbs to lose. I don't know if it's the 4th baby or the fact that I'm 30.

Can someone please buy this boy some BROWN cowboy boots? These pink ones have got to go!
Oh, and maybe a clean shirt too.
That's all I've got tonight Emma. It's been a very long day. I'll try better tomorrow! Love you!


  1. thank youuuu :) i miss you and your kiddos so much so i like when you post new stuff! anything is good, so stop saying you'll try better tomorrow! i love you!

  2. Rats! Emma commented first! I think people stop asking how much you weigh when they realize they might get punched for asking the question:) I love y'all!

  3. umm...why is my son wearing those boots? He better not look like this next!

    Oh and I'm not sure you are "losing" your weight as much as transferring it to me. We've gotta stop having babies. At this rate, I'll be huge in a few years!