A Detective's Mind

About 2 years ago, we had to contact the DMV to get another car tag renewal sticker because the one we originally paid for and received suddenly disappeared. Our suspicion as to what happened has somewhat been confirmed this past week by Claire.

Some of you are saying, "but Claire wasn't alive 2 years ago, so what does she have to do with the missing car tag." Well, it all boils down to a pair of shoes and a remote control....

Putting on my Detective Hat
Recently, the DVD remote control was nowhere to be found (sound familiar?). Peggy assured me she had nothing to do with this mysterious disappearance (apparently, when things go missing, I usually ask her, "did you throw it away."), and as the truth came forth, she was not lying (not that I suspected any untruth from my wife).

Anyway, the remote was found by some unwhitting detective work. After digging through the kitchen trash, I was in the bathroom and decided to snoop in the bathroom trash, "just in case." Of course, I found the remote at the bottom quietly tucked beneath a pair of Kate's bloomers.

My proximty to the toilet at that time reminded me of an incident from two months prior that occurred while brushing Kate's teeth. I heard some rumbling behind me and then, "Plunk." Kate's shoes were in the toilet, and who else would be the culprit (NO! not Peggy), but CLAIRE.

So, it seems Claire is going through her "Just Trash It" phase and she just so happens to be near the age that Kate was when our car tag sticker was assumedly "trashed!". So, Kate now bears the blame for the missing car tag.

Reader Response?

I imagine we aren't the only people with this humorous problem. What is the funniest thing your child (or a child you know) has trashed on their own volition? Leave us some stories in the comments!

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