Claire - 15 months old - 7-19-07


You are now over 15 months old and you are the cutest sweetest baby girl I know! Over the past month, you have begun to interact playfully with us in a way drastically different from the previous months, and it has been a great joy to me. You have an awesome smile and every time I see it I cannot help but smile back and think how beautiful you are.

I am amazed at how well you understand what we say. If we give a command, you follow it no matter how difficult to understand the command may have been. We’ve had people tell us that they are amazed at how much you understand. I cannot wait for the day you will begin having conversations with us because I can tell a lot of thinking is going on inside right now.

When I look at you, I see myself. Your dark hair and everything else about you, reminds me of what I think I would’ve been like at your age. It’s really funny to watch you play with Kate, especially when you take something of hers and run off. It has been a great pleasure to have two baby girls in the family.

We found out recently that our new baby will be your brother, and as excited as we are to have a son coming into the family, I would never ask God to have done anything different than what he has already done in giving us children. You (along with Kate) have been a joy more than I can explain. To watch you grow, transform, and learn is a special treat that parents receive, and I look forward to the coming years. I continually ask God to strengthen you physically and spiritually specifically asking Him to not only bring you into the kingdom, but to also make you a servant above all others. My hope is that God will be gracious unto you in such a way that you surpass the faith of both your mother and I.

I love you and am praying for you. May the Lord be with you!

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